Tuesday, October 7

As the Salmon Return //

It is time now, the summer heat is slowly consumed by the crisp fall air. The days are growing shorter.
A nearly impossible mission. Absolute death. 

But it's in their nature, their deepest being. It is written in their DNA.  

They must go. They have no choice. 
They will go as the generation before them did, and as their offspring will.

This journey will be their hardest, but most important.

Against all odds, nature knows best. 

As the salmon make their way back, swimming up-stream, going against the current, everything seems to be against them. 

Fighting for their lives. Fighting for their species. 
They use every ounce of energy they have to return to the stream from which they came.

A beautiful, miraculous journey, as they lay their eggs in 
one last triumphant roar. 

Custom sterling silver and turquoise ring made in honor of the beautiful fish. 


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