Saturday, October 4

October //

 Something about how the cold air feels as it enters your body. 
Slides down, slowly warming as it brings you life. 

The first breath is shocking to your system, but after a few moments it becomes easier to breath. That first portion of each sip of October air, remains piercing, and awakens you. 
It stirs every part of your being, and makes you thankful to be here. 

The breath remains nourishing for just a moment. Your body takes what it needs from it, and almost instantaneously the same air that gave you life, is now toxic. 

As you exhale you can see your breath escape you. Expelling the toxic elements creates the necessary space for a new fresh perspective.

Huddled up in the crisps morning air watching the sun peek over the horizon. 
You start noticing the little things around you.  How the air feels against your warm skin.  
The birds just awakening and giving  their morning chirps.  

 You notice that the trees around you are also exhaling in a similar pattern as yours. 

As the October air colors their leaves, they start to turn. 
A vibrant display of the change happening deep within themselves. 

The leaves and blooms that once proudly conveyed their health are no longer useful. They must prepare for the changes that are coming. 

So much energy was used during the last season. 
So much growth. 

The pessimist might see it as a shame, 
a waste of life, 
but the optimist.. the optimist knows the true beauty hidden beneath the dying leaves.

The amazing wisdom the tree must have to know when it is time to shed it's leaves and let go of something once so valuable. 

To know that changes is good, 
change is necessary, 
change brings life. 

The leaves will go on and be something valuable for the Earth and plants around. 
The tree will also go on,  and it will now have the room and energy to accept new life. 

Something better and more magical will happen this year.

Just as the tree, we must shed the negative, 
make room for the positive. 

Change is scary, 
but the opportunity for new life and growth is too beautiful to pass up. 

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♥ Carin

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