Tuesday, September 30

2015 Charm Shop Options //

I really don't even know where to start this post. It's just all so good!

Every year I release new colors, options, and styles for the charm shop. This year's changes are some of the biggest and the best!

I've come to realize that the artistry of my pieces are in the details. The little things are what stand out. They are what show the quality and care that I've put into creating them. This year, I really wanted to focus on those details. 

Here are some of the changes you'll see in the craftsmanship for the charm shop.


Starting now, you'll find thicker, chunkier and more significant jump rings throughout my work. Going up in size makes the pieces stand out more and pull you in. As always the jump rings are soldered shut to keep the piece you love safe and secure. 


You'll notice on the beads a slight change to the wire wrapping. The wire has also gone up in thickness, but I'm hammering the ball on the end flat and giving them a more uniform wrap by extending the length of the bail. 

The beads are a range of crystals, pearls and glass.  I'm offering only a few, but that's all you need when they are so perfect. Use the crystals to represent birthstones or just to add a little extra flash to your piece. 


This is the biggest change to the charm shop for 2015. I did a massive revamp on the metal charms. With the details in mind, I had crafted molds for 8 beautiful charms. The charms are thick and durable. They are heavier and have much more silver than the previously offered ones. The amount of detail and texture in them makes such a strong statement, and adds to the rustic nature of my work. 


Oh the charm colors. The base of which I build these beautiful items. The colors are where I derive most of my inspiration. They help solidify the line, and make your piece stand out. 

This year I've composed a collection of amazingly rich stunning colors. They each work so well by themselves, but also can be paired with many of the other colors to create your own pallet. Go with rich earthy tones or maybe brights and bolds. If that's not you, then you can choose from many of the neutrals I offer. Plus don't forget you can use these colors to represent your birthstones too! 


Second to the metal charms, the fonts got a big change this year too. After so many years of using fonts, I've come to realize what works and what doesn't. This year there are 4 perfect fonts to choose from.  Each of them were carefully selected to ensure the best possible charms for you.  There is a script, one more rustic typewriter, a standard font and one that resembles a child's handwriting. What more could you need? 


When you get to the shop you'll notice that it's laid out a little differently. I've decided to switch the focus back to where it all started, the charms. The beautiful charms are the heart of this shop. For awhile I wanted to offer a wide range of items, and I will continue to pursue other offerings. However, for now I want to take it back. Back to what started this shop, back to what makes the shop unique, and back to my beginning. 

With that said, many of the options you will no longer see listed, and some which are on clearance until they sell out. Don't miss out on these items as once they are gone I don't plan on carrying them any longer.


One of the last things I want to mention is how much easier your shopping experience and checkout should be. The listings are much easier to purchase from. Many of the listings contain options which allow you to choose how many charms you need or change sizes with just a click of a button. No more searching through the shop for hours trying to find the right listing!

The listings themselves are much shorter and more concise. You'll find everything you need to make the choice, but nothing more. I've put all the information you need to submit handwriting samples, silhouettes and footprints in one convenient location. 

Plus with a consolidated option chart there is more room for beautiful jewelry pictures. You'll have a better idea of how you want to put your piece together with so many  more examples. See a mixture of colors, sizes and beads throughout the site. Not to mention, now you just have to find 1 option chart rather than looking for the one you need. 

I  hope you enjoy it!

 ♥ Carin

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