Thursday, September 18

Settling into the Chaos //

As the temperature cools down.
As the days shorten.
As the leaves change color.
I settle into the routine of our days.
Wake up
Coffee (lots of it) 
Get Kaleb off to school
Then coming back to the studio. Oh, the studio. My special perfect place.
Most days I rush to get everything that I want to completed.
I find that I have no minutes to spare before school is out.
The evenings are mostly spent together.
Walking the dogs.
Making dinner.
Catching up with each other's day.
I find little time to run errands.
Complete chores.
The dishes usually need put away.
I find toys in every room of the house.
We're living out of our laundry baskets.
Nothing is perfect. Everything is messy.
But I'm happy.
To me this chaos is a sign that I'm enjoying life. Living it to it's fullest.
That I'm not tied down with the minor details. I'm soaking up all the beauty and time life has to offer.
I pick up a little here, a little there, but it's never spotless.
When friends ask to meet up, I say yes.
When Kaleb wants to cuddle for a few extra minutes, I say yes. 
I'm spend the evenings with my husband instead of answering emails.
This is how life is meant to be lived.
Learn to the let go of what life should be. Instead embrace what it is.
 ♥ Carin

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