Wednesday, September 17

Getting Lost in the Mountains //

Such a crazy awesome opportunity arose recently to make lots of mountain saddle rings.
 When I say lots, there are more that wouldn't fit in this picture.
I knew I had to take it. As I'm saying now, "when life gives you lemons, make mountain saddle rings!"
And so I did.
It was such a different experience for me. Normally in my batches of orders I'll get a few of the same item. Or I'll break the orders down making several of the same elements.
But nothing like cutting 90 discs in one sitting.
This type of production is something new to me.
The experience was so unique.
It allowed me to get into this amazing rhythm.
Cutting, sawing, stamping, sanding, soldering, finishing, polishing.
Each with their own movement.
Their own sound.
Creating a beat. A rhythm.
 ♥ Carin

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