Monday, September 22

Signs of Fall //

I'm loving our evening walks these days.
Toting my camera along just in case I find a picture or two I want to snap.
It seems inevitable that I want to snap at least a few.
My eyes are wide open these days. I'm seeing beauty everywhere.
I'm noticing the shape of leaves.
The change of the wind.
The colors all around me.
So much inspiration.
So much to get me excited.
So much to bring back to my bench and my designs.

This picture is just some of what feels inspirational to me right now.

They are signs that the seasons are changing.
I'm loving the colors that nature creates.
The shape of the pine cones.
The red of the berries.
I'm loving the texture, the detail of it all.
I am working on pieces inspired by all that I'm seeing.
I cannot wait to share them with you!
On a business note, I'm doing a lot of work behind the scenes lately.
There are a lot of loose ends to tie up.
Big annual projects that need completing.
I've got a lot to do to gear up for Christmas.
This week I'll be getting a few new tools to help bring the business up to speed.
A new computer which will promptly be put to work editing charm shop listings.
I'll be working on updating the wording, what I'm offering, and officially announcing the 2015 options!
Then I'm set to receive my new big girl torch! The excitement is so unreal. I've never had to be so patient for UPS. I've been studying up on the next torch purchase for awhile, and I'm sure you'll hear so much more about it when it arrives. But needless to say it will provide me with the ability to make a much wider array of designs.
Good things are happening!
♥ Carin 

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