Tuesday, November 25

Cultivate Positivity

Many of you read my recent post about continuing to swim, despite the challenges, working hard and never giving up.

I feel like I've continued to choose to not give up, but having a hard time making any real progress.

I have been putting the effort in.
It's never been about the effort.

It's about the rewards and what is being produced from all the effort. That is where my frustration lies.

In the past, a little effort has pushed the a business a long way. Right now it feels more like sprinting on a treadmill. No matter how much effort I put in, I'm not going anywhere.

So last week I spent some time wondering how I can be more productive. See more rewards with the same amount of effort.

As always, nature had the answer.

Recently, I've been letting such negative energy enter my space. Negative thoughts about myself and my abilities.
Words and ideas that are far too harsh for anyone to be having.

And then I realized, when a seed is planted in such harsh, infertile ground very little will grow.
Just like poor soil, I was planting my ideas and putting all my energy into growing in a bad pasture.
My negative energy and thoughts were smothering any good ideas I was having. And no matter how much energy I was putting in, now matter how hard I was trying, growing something in that type of environment rarely reaps rewards.

To benefit from a bountiful harvest, I needed to be planting my seeds in a nutrient rich and fertile ground. Planting here, will set me up for success. My energy and effort will not be wasted, and the chances of growing something beautiful surrounded by good and positive energy are astounding.

And so I cleaned....
... literally and figuratively.

I spent the weekend in my studio cleaning and organizing every square inch. Getting rid of any unwanted or old stuff that I no longer use, and made a ton of space for new work and tools.  Now when an idea comes, I can be much more productive.

In the same way, I gave myself some breathing room.
I cleared out all the negative thoughts and energy I was having.
I gave each idea one last glance, and then let them go.

 By clearing out old baggage, I cultivated space for new things.
New life, new ideas, new positive energy.

These earrings were born from this idea.

Large hoop like earrings. I resisted the urge to fill the void in the middle with anything.

You may see an empty hole in the middle,
but I see space for goodness to be planted. 

May you too clear out any negative energy, and only make room for good. 

Cultivate positivity.

Earrings available here. 

♥ Carin

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