Sunday, November 9

Life is Always Preserved //

I woke up in the middle of the night with a faint idea in my head. 

My best ideas always seem to arise when I'm sleepy. 

A blurry image of a circle of life. A basic idea introduced in elementary school, but the details of the concept are also very complex. My dreamy mind can barely wrap my head around it.

As I come into consciousness, the idea develops. A predators and prey. A wolf, the top most predator of the forest and his prey. 

As I blink my eyes open a few times, the desire to create it grows stronger and more details be come clear. 

The layout and final images appear before me. 

I know I can't ignore the pull. I must answer it's call.

My body is tired, but it surrenders to the creative spirit. 

I'm out of bed now, and find myself bundling up as I head down to the studio. Toting with me nourishment and tea. 

As I saw away I find my mind drifting back. To my childhood, to my young adulthood. 

I was always terrified of death. Something about the loss of life. The last few moments, and the finality of being. Death always tortured me. Friends, pets, wildlife that have passed flashed before my eyes. 

I feel my shoulder stoop lower. 

My posture loosen.

My head hang. 

I am consumed by the death before me. 

As I continue sawing rabbit, then hawk, then wolf, I came to an epic realization.


No matter the prey, the being is providing life to the next. An energy transfer if you will. The life itself cannot be taken. It cannot be created nor destroyed in this moment. 

Instead one soul feeds the next. 

No small drop, no tiny piece is forgotten. All is used in nature.
Consumed by a predator or detritivore. 

As life pours from one being to the next, no drops are lost. 

And that is beautiful. 

Wall hanging available here. 

♥ Carin

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