Sunday, July 1


Well the last time I posted I was pretty blue.  I was really just feeling overwhelmed with all that I feel like I have to accomplish in order to quit my day job and do jewelry full time.  Although the past 2 years of working on the business have been great and amazing progress is happening, it's still exhausting.  I'm not trying to be negative or pessimistic, but I starting this series to be able to share the real ups and downs about starting a creative business. The end of last week just happened to be a low point.

However, I've got some great ways to get myself motivated again.  Everyone is different, but when relying on your creativity and therefore creative mood as an income, you have to know how to steer it in the right direction.

1.  SLEEP: After a night like Thursday I was drained on Friday.  Instead of pushing through, I took a nap.  I love naps. I really believe that America should institute the siesta.

2.  HAVE FUN: I took some time off. I am so lucky to have such a great support group.  My friends saw I was down, and although I refused at first, they made me go out for dinner.  I relaxed, had fun, and most of all LAUGED... a lot!

3.  DON'T FORCE THE CREATIVITY: Instead of filling orders, making standard items for shows and shops, or pre-making metal for future orders, I made stuff that I've been wanting and thinking about for weeks but never had time to.  I made stuff that re-inspired me.  Here are the items I made this weekend:

4. SEE I'M NOT ALONE: It's easy to feel isolated when I'm the only one working towards this goal.  One of the things I have found so inspiring are the stories from other Etsy sellers that have gone before me and found there way through it all and came out successful. Etsy does a great blog called "Quit Your Day Job" in which sellers that have made it recount their stories.  It's actually the inspiration for this blog series. 

5.  MAKE A SALE: When I first started selling on Etsy I tracked every view, like and interest for each item.  I thrived off knowing that people were looking at my stuff. When I made a sale I would literally do a dance.  That excitement still holds true.  Not only does each sale get me closer to quitting my job, but ultimately my dream of sharing my pieces with the world.  So I decided to start my 4th of July sale a little early.  The sales this weekend lifted my spirits and made me confident in my ability to reach my goal.

6. ORGANIZE: My creative brain moves fast. Faster than my hands or body.  Which means that when I'm done with one thing, I'm moving on to the next without any thought of clean up.  Slow times are great for me to re-organize, clean, and purge. I LOVE TO PURGE! I actually think I like to get rid of things more than I like to buy new things.... weird I know.  

Anyways, this week we are installing new carpet in the house.  Which basically means I have to move my entire house outside and  then back again.  I knew this would be a great opportunity to go through all of our stuff and just get rid of what we don't need. So I not only got to purge jewelry stuff but also all that unwanted clutter around the house.  

With all of these things and some much needed time with my husband, things are looking up! I'm feeling refreshed, re-energized, and above all happy. I'm excited for the week to come! 

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