Tuesday, July 17


We just walked in the door a few hours ago from our 2nd annual family trip to Suncadia. When I say family trip, I don't just mean Dave, Kaleb and me.... It's the entire side of my mother's family.  She has 6 sister's and 1 brother so with everyone it's around 50 of us! We had a blast.  Although I swore I would take a ton of pictures of the adventures we had, as always I got too busy and forgot! Here are a few we snapped on the way there before all the craziness ensued!

We had a great time! Swam a ton, went on long bike rides, walked the trails, and played lots of fun games! It was a nice break after such a long few weeks.

Now to gear up for the upcoming weeks... I have 4 physical stores to fill, a big show coming up in a few weeks, brochures and banners to order, new items to test (including new charm shapes: hearts, teardrop/leaves, and ovals), and of coarse orders to keep up with!

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