Saturday, July 21


I don't know how many of you scrapbook, but as jewelry becomes my work, scrapbooking is filling it's place as my hobby (ok not quite yet, but it will be soon!)  I love finding beautiful ways to celebrate our lives, our loved ones, the things that are important to us.  It's why I do what I do.

Any who, I follow the blog of a pretty amazing professional scrapbooker, Laura Kurz. I found her because of the scrapbooking, but stayed because her posts are quick, funny, and based on her family.  Recently she found out that she lost her contract with one of the major scrabooking brands, and wrote this post about it.

She talks about how her minimalist style of scrapbooking, doesn't help sell a lot of product, but that she never did it for the sales. Instead, she did it for her family. She wanted a beautiful way to celebrate them. Reading this made me so happy. Happy for her that she has her priorities in line, and happy for me that I think I do too.

I'm so excited for my future career.  I finally feel like I'm on the path that is right for me. I'm happy to say that my future career is based out of pure love and never greed.

Love for my family, by putting them first and making time for each other.

Love for your families, by sharing my abilities I help you celebrate, cherish, and remember the ones you love.

Love for my work, by following my dreams and doing something I'm passionate about.

I think this love comes through not only in the products I offer, but also the way that I run my business and treat my customers. Although sales are necessary, I've never been here just to make a pretty penny. In fact, my goal has never been to "go big" or even make enough to hire employees, but rather just to share something I love with others while making a moderate income so I too enjoy everyday.

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Laura Kurz said...

Thank you. Your work is beautiful and I wish you all the best!