Monday, July 23

Stepping Out of the Cubical and into a Shed?

So as cool as a camper would be as an art studio, and as much as I want one, I think the idea is officially dead. I have been doing a lot of craigslist searching and what I have found is that I can get one for almost free, but that means it's basically rotting and leaking everywhere or I can fork out a few grand, for one that is in decent shape, but would still have to be completely gutted to work. Not to mention there's still a big question as to how I would even get it in my yard... on to the next idea.

A shed! I'll admit it's not as cool as the camper and I'm a little bummed about the lack of originality in a shed, but for a lot less I can get something brand new! Plus it has all these benefits a camper didn't:

1. It comes in pieces... no fences to removed or cranes to be rented.
2. Did I mention it would be new! New roof, new flooring, NEW, NEW, NEW
3.No gutting required.  It's already got a clean slate for me to put my stamp on.
4. Size... rather than scouring the internet for the right size camper, I can just specify how big I want my shed.
5. Light... The camper is lacking in good windows. The shed I can order several more windows to help give my space the natural light it needs to keep me sane and happy.

Plus let's be real. I can make just about any space super cute eclectic and fun with the right amount of time and skill (I'm getting really good at finding deals on Craigslist)... Already contacted the used pallet place to get a quote for some super weathered wood pallets for my shed's interior walls!

Here's to more planning and hopefully some good friends to help put it together!

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