Sunday, July 8


Well last weekend and all this week Dave and I worked on the house. We have been wanting to replace the carpet for a long time, but honestly have just not had the time. It was something that would have to be done during the week, and Dave's work schedule just isn't flexible enough to get a few days off for something like that.  Luckily he had off several days during the week because of the 4th.  So we used it to accomplish this long awaited project.

Last weekend in preparation for the carpet we purged.  Took everything out of every cabinet and even every box in the attic.  We sold, gave away, and threw away a ton of stuff. I cannot tell you how much I love to purge. We live in about a 900 square foot house.  Without purging unnecessary things, it gets cramped often.

Anyways, the point of all of this is that we worked all week long (including 90% of the 4th, and missed any and all fire work displays!)  After such a long week, I had to do something special for myself in honor of my birthday.  I don't know if you can tell by my Friday Favorites but I'm really into vintage industrial style and indoor plants. I'm am super obsessed with succulents and air plants which are as easy as pie to take care of.

A few things I focused on were the mantle.  I got a surprise delivery Saturday of my new mirror bunting that I've been wanting for years! Thanks again Mom! I removed a few other things and hung the bunting. It was the final touch to the mantle that I've been missing!

I have also been really wanting to make a window shelf for my plants! It was super easy to do! I ran to the local hardware store where they have pre-cut boards which happened to be the EXACT size I needed! Must be the luck of my birthday. I also had the paint out because of the carpet I was painting trim. I gave it two quick coats of white.  I screwed in a couple of hooks at each corner and right above the window and then cut chain to length! So simple!

Saturday I did quite a bit of catch up on orders, but also spent the day doing a little antique shopping for the mantle and shelf and then went to the most amazing nursery EVER! I was on the mission to get some more air plants, but I came home with a bit more! ;)  I also had to hit up the local craft store and found some other great things including spray painting some sea shells gold! LOVE!

It's been a great birthday weekend so far! Can't wait for the rest of it!

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