Sunday, July 8


It's no secret. I LOVE  BIRTHDAYS!  Mostly Kaleb's in recent years, but I'm not going to lie, I usually make everyone celebrate my birthday month! I'm 28 this year, which seems young, but old all at the same time.  I feel like I have years ahead of me to do great things, but I also feel like I should be in a different place by now. I should have accomplished more. Done more. Seen more.

My friend and fellow blogger, Sarah, posted something that I thought was pretty awesome around her birthday this year.  A list of goals she had made the prior year of things to do before she turns 30, that she called 30 by 30. I thought this was just wonderful.  A great way to track your progress, keep sight of where you want to be, and a way to stay positive about your accomplishments. If you are living life day to day it's easy to feel like you haven't gotten anywhere in a year, but to revisit and to actual note what you've done over the past year can make you feel great and give you motivation for the next.

A birthday cake like this one would really top this year off! 

So I'm giving it a shot.  Here are the things I would like to accomplish over the next year:

1. BE MORE PRESENT: Over the years I have observed a lot of people. All of which had busy lives, but the ones I was most drawn to were the ones that could be present with what was happening around them.  The ones that weren't constantly checking their email or phones when they were having family time. The ones that when it was time to work, put aside paying bills and focused on their job at hand. I feel like there is a time and place for everything.  By creating a schedule or even just ensuring to stop other tasks and focus on one,  you not only accomplish more and waste less time, but your enjoyment of each task is heightened.  Multitasking can be great don't get me wrong, but switching back and forth between tasks is not only time consuming, but also energy consuming. It drains energy.

I obviously I have a lot going on, there's no hiding it.  I just hate that when I'm building a Lego ship with Kaleb, I'm thinking about orders that need to be filled.  When I'm working on orders I'm thinking about household chores that need to be done. I need and want to train my brain to be able to set aside the other and just be present.

2. TAKE TIME FOR MYSELF: Because I have so many work goals, and so much pressure to get it all accomplished in such a short amount of time I rarely make time for myself.  I'm always saying "I don't have time for stuff like that."  When I was first starting the charm shop I felt like I could push and push and push, and although I was tired there was always more I could give.  Unfortunately, I think these 90 hour work weeks have just plain worn me down. I need to learn that time for myself is really for the business too.  By taking time out to do something relaxing or just because, I leave refreshed and re-energized, allowing me to make better use of my work time.

3. GO VEGAN: Since I was a child, I always shied away from meat in general.  About 2 years ago I finally committed to the vegetarian thing (OK really pescetarian... I'll always eat responsibly caught seafood).  It was hard at first. I used to love steak, and seriously who doesn't love the way bacon tastes?  But now I couldn't ever go back. 

The more I learn about the food industry, the more I move away from all animal products and the more I move towards in organic locally farmed foods. I know it's not for everyone. I'm not here to push my beliefs on anyone, but the bottom line is it's what I feel is right, and most importantly what I feel is right for me. 

4. HAVE SHOP SUCCESS:  Although this post is to focus on changes I want to make in myself, I also have some major career goals to meet this year.  They are such a big part of my life I can't leave them off this list!

5. FIND MY BREATH:  About a year ago I started yoga as a way to be more present with myself, find some peace, and get a little exercise. Because of all that has happened in the past year I just couldn't stay committed.  I know this year is going to be just as crazy. I'm not expecting to be able to go 3 days a week, but 2 - 4 times a month would be great. Hopefully in the future it can be as big a part of my life as I'd like it to be, but for now I think this is more of an obtainable goal.

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