Monday, July 30


Belly buttons are just so strange to me in general. Even though there is a perfectly reasonable explanation as to why we have them, they still look like aliens to me. Kaleb's is the strangest of all!

I started noticing it when he was just a few months old.  Sometimes when I would be changing him his belly button would be in or an "innie" and sometimes it would be sticking out or an "outtie." I though for sure I was just crazy and maybe it just depended on what position his body is in.  After it went on for awhile, I finally pieced the puzzle together. His belly button is a pretty accurate gauge for how full he is! I'm not kidding...

When he wakes up first thing in the morning it's always in.  Feed him a big dinner and desert? Within minutes it's sticking out!  I thought that it would go away as he grew, but to date his built in gadget is still functioning with pretty precise measurements!

I wonder when it does go away (if ever) what it's permanent position will be?!

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