Monday, January 16

When it Snows....

You only hear about how much rain Seattle gets and the moderate climate we have here... that's because it RARELY snows... and when it does it's bittersweet.  Sorry Washingtonians, but you know it's true, we can't drive in it worth a damn (we blame it on the hills and the "other" drivers).  We usually use it as a poor excuse to escape work for the entire day even though the roads are usually completely clear by 9 am.  Schools close with just a rumor that it might snow.  We sled down asphalt with just a light dusting of white (if any at all). We make poor attempts at snowman with the minimal snow we have and they are usually melted within the hour.  Today it snowed in Washington... and we did all the aforementioned things... here are is the lovely family picture proving that it snowed, even if it was just briefly.

and then... because he's all boy... he demolished it

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