Thursday, January 12

Today I Got a Great Gift...

Tonight was a serious test of patience at bedtime.  Kaleb is usually so easy and we have our routine down pact. But I guess it's proof that even a great routine sometimes need modification. Anyways, eventually just went back to the basics that I know...

... that's right, I rocked my 4 year old to sleep, AND I LOVED IT! I even sang (in my horribley off key voice) the only lullaby I know, the same one I used to sing to him when he was a baby, "You Are My Sunshine."

For just a few minutes he felt like a tiny baby again.  I watched him sleep for awhile.  I miss those days so much.  Although I love to watch him learn and grow.  I love that we are able to share and do so much together now. Yet, there is just something about holding a baby in your arms that just never gets old. 

I think Kaleb and I both will have an amazing nights sleep.


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