Tuesday, June 19


Several months back I had mentioned to my friend, Natalie, that I was feeling like life was getting a little monotonous.  I am working so hard on getting the business up and running that I am rarely making time for myself.  When I feel like things are getting tough, sometimes instead of pushing harder, it's better to take a step back, re-evaluate, or just spend some time doing something else.  It often leaves me refreshed and reenergized! 

Anyways, I learned my lesson about telling something like that to Natalie... she took it to heart and purchased us tickets to a trapeze class at Emerald City Trapeze Arts!!!!!!!!!  When making the appointment they had mentioned that they highly encourage us to dress up and just have fun with it!  So we did!  Lots of bright make up, glitter, and some seriously cool outfits including mismatched neon socks! 

I was doing just fine when we were on the ground practicing, but once I started to climb the ladder my nerves just went crazy! I am seriously afraid of heights, and took so much for me to even get on the platform, then I had to jump off! 

We were all practicing to hang from our knees and hang upside down so we could eventually be caught by someone on the other swing! This seemed like a lot for our very first class, but it was very exciting too! 

Anyways, on my first attempt, I didn't really jump off the platform, but instead barely slid off (hey, no judging it's HIGH!)  I got a good scream out, and then was in such a daze couldn't listen to the instructor to do much more than anything but get down! 

My second attempt was a little better, I did jump, which gave me enough momentum to get my legs up and hang upside down! I was pretty proud of myself for getting this far! Again, mostly my nerves got in the way! Swinging upside down and hanging on by only the backs of my knees is honestly one of the scariest things I've ever done!

It was great to get outside my comfort zone a little, even if it was just a baby step! I definitely feel excited about life again!  Ready to push forward and take all life has to offer!  I don't think the circus is what my life has in store, so who knows if I'll go back to trapeze class again, but trying something new is so refreshing! 

What have you done lately to keep life exiting? 

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