Monday, June 18


This year it was my goal to add a few more local trade shows.  They are such a great way to interact with fans face to face and get the word out there about my jewelry!  Love you online fans, but this interaction is so important for the  business and for me!

This year one of the new shows I chose to do was the Fremont Fair. It was on my list of shows that I wanted to do for several reasons.  It's in a great location.  An awesome, hip Seattle neighborhood! Filled with unique botiques, funky bars, and lots of eclectic energy!

It was one of the largest shows I've done to date, and required that I set up the majority of the booth the night before, then a 14 hour day Sat, and a 10 hour day Sunday!  It was a lot of work, but really worth it! I met a ton of great fellow artists, and gained a lot of new fans and made a serious impression with those new silhouette charms making their debut this week!

I also met a few great ladies that are interested in wholesaling my items in their local shops! Including a local winery interested in carrying charm  jewelry with their logo in it!

My booth set up was pretty great, but as always, I've got ideas to improve it!  It was the first show I was at where I only had one open side, and with the new tables I bought it was a tight squeeze!  I'm going to make some risers for the tables so stuff can be at different heights and therefore I can fit more stuff on one table.  Plus I definitely need a banner, and I'm going to work on making a chalkboard out of a recycled pallet and some chalk board paint (still just in the idea phase) so I can write more information on how to place your order for the charm jewelry.  With not enough room to really spread out an ordering table, it gets a little confusing for people I think.

But all in all, the space was great! I love to bring other elements than just the jewelry and basic stands. I always want my tent to feel like you're walking into an amazing boutique shop. It's not only a great way to stand out amongst the crowd, but also is so inviting and beautiful.  I bring lots of vintage elements from my home to help decorate the space. I think I'm also going to work on getting some beautiful fabrics for the inside walls rather than the basic white tent sides, but all in good time!

For all of you that I met at the fair, welcome!  I know I gave out tons of cards so there is bound to be lots of traffic here! If you're looking to purchase here are the links to my 2 etsy shops:

Custom Charm Jewelry: J4JCharms
Unique Sterling Jewelry: Jonesing for Jewelry

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