Friday, June 22


Fabulous Finds on Etsy
I have a looming birthday! So although you might have seen some of this before I figured I'd make this Friday Favorites the Birthday Wish List Edition! Not to be greedy but just in case you were wondering what I would love to get! Oh... and of coarse some more air plants and few jewelry tools that you can't find on Etsy! ;)

1. Lots of stacking friendship bracelet's like these fabulous ones
2. Mirror Bunting the small and medium please! ;)
3.Gold Succulent Sculpture because as much as I love these plants, I kill them when they live indoors!
4. Have I mentioned that I am on the serious hunt for some fabulous Vintage Cow Girl Boots
5. My decor would be seriously more stunning with this Painted Antler
6. Tear Drop Terrarium for all my air plants!
7. LOVE! This Painted Dinosaur Planter
8. Pretty much my favorite thing ever! This  Recycled Glass Diamond is open on the top and you can keep air plants in it!
9. These Vintage Glove Molds have been on my wish list for ages! I love items that can look great around my house, double as a great way to display items and triple as an item I can picture my jewelry on!

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Cassandra Smith said...

Lovely finds! Thank you for including my antler.