Wednesday, January 7

Under the Quiet Moonlight Series

The end of the year is always a quirky time. 

Everything is so final. 

The close of the busiest time of the business season. 
The end of a big month.
The end of a year.

Yet, at the same time, it's the beginning. 
A fresh start.
A new beginning.

I get quiet during this time. 
I feel myself drawing inward. 
My heart retracing the year and the moments that defined it. 

I always feel as though the business goes on a slight hiatus while I'm resetting. 

This time reminds me of those chilly Pacific Northwest nights. 
Pitch black, but the moon in all it's glory lighting the way.

In that space it's easy to feel as if nothing is happening. 
The earth is so quiet. 

But if you slow enough to pay attention you'll see.
Beneath the quiet exterior, so much is happening. 

Animals awaking to the night.
Coming to life under neath the quiet stillness. 

This time is necessary for the earth to succeed. 
In the same, this time is necessary for me to succeed. 

The quiet brings time to reflect, and find truth. 
Just as you notice signs of life around you.
Chirps of animals.
Scampering little feet.

The fog as you breath out. 

This is when big things happen. 
You awaken to the sunlight, with big bold energy for the day. 

Don't underestimate the quiet. 

♥ Carin



I've added a piece to this collection! 

A stunning owl, labradorite, branch and crystal wall hanging! 

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