Monday, January 5

Challenge Accepted

It's my first day back in the studio after the Holiday season. 

It always feels a little off to switch gears. When I first go on break I miss the studio. Soon enough though, I'm busy decorating, baking, celebrating, and then life seems to fill in the gaps. 

It is similar when I come back to the studio. I feel out of rhythm. I have a thousand ideas, but no real priority. No task list. Just time. 

I'm still in my end of the year reflectional mind set. I think back to last year, and I frequently felt as though I was in a creative rut. 

Mini ruts. 

but ruts none the less. 

I kept finding myself saying, "If I just had this tool" or "these stones" or "if I just knew how to do this." 

OK, I love me some tools, but ultimately it's not the tools or the stones limiting me. 

It's me limiting me.

It's me not opening up to the possibilities.

Not seeing all that is there. 

So this year, I've taken on a creative challenge. Something to help lubricate my creativity. Spark my ideas, and keep everything flowing smoothly. 

The challenge is to create a single earring every day of the  year. 

Yes, one earring (not a matched pair).

365 of them, all different!

I was nervous at first. This is so out of my realm. The business side of me thinks of all that I could be accomplishing on my "to-do" list rather than playing around. 

But my heart knows I need this. 

So I've accepted the challenge!
Because of my hesitation to start, I had to play a little catch up today. 

I was amazed at how good it felt.

To not worry about how they would turn out.
If they would sell. 
How to price them.
How to market them.

All of the business bullshit just flew out the window. 

I felt free again. Free to create what I was feeling at the moment. 

My only other addition to the challenge requirements, is that I'm going to do my best to use bits and pieces laying around the studio. I have lots of 1/2 started projects or items that are leftovers from other pieces.

Since my frustration last year felt like I always needed more, this year, I'm going to attempt to find the beauty in what I have around me.

There is plenty if I just open my eyes and see it for what it is. 

This will also be a great way for me to test new ideas and find new avenues for my art. 

I'm so excited for the journey this challenge will bring in 2015. 


Find the items listed in my Etsy shop here:

Find other artist's Earring a Day Challenge work here, and a huge shout out to Victoria Takahashi for setting this all up! 


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Erin Austin said...

Love it! Great pieces! Welcome to the challenge!