Wednesday, January 14

I Made This Special for You



Remember I'll be going away with free shipping for Facebook fans, and putting some of that budget towards more giveaways like this one! So if you didn't win, stay tuned for more!

Without further ado.

The winner is.

The lovely.



Catherine Knott

Catherine, please email me at no later than Friday the 23rd midnight PST to claim your prize!!


Monday's post was a big deal to me. 

If you haven't read it, you should. 

Here go read it, then come back. 


I meant what I said. 

I'm so very, very grateful to each and every single one of you. 








So I made this for you.

I hope you love it. 

Details and how to enter it below. 

This necklace features a lovely Australian Gaspeite stone. 

This stone is similar to turquoise in texture and composition. This particular piece is a lovely lime and olive green colorings. 

Below the stone sits a lovely fine silver rose and around it is a sterling silver beaded detail. 

The piece sits on a generously thick piece of sterling silver. 

It was hung from an 18" sterling silver ball chain. 

The  pendant measures just over 1 3/4" long and just over 1/2" wide. 



Comment on this post with your first and last name. 

 If you don't see a way to comment on the bottom click this link to take you to the actual post for commenting. 

One entry/comment per person.

Entries put in as "anonymous" will not be counted.

The winner will get first class free domestic shipping to any U.S. location.

International followers can enter, but must pay the $10.00 shipping fee and any custom/duty tax due upon receipt. INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS, PLEASE DO NOT ENTER IF YOU DO NOT INTEND TO PAY THESE.

Entries will be accepted until Midnight PST on Monday 1/19/2015

I'll draw a winner sometime Tuesday 1/20/2015

The winner will be announced here on the blog. The winner will have until 1/23/2015 to contact me and claim their prize. 


And please, please, please share it with your friends! Let everyone in on the fun!

♥ Carin


Unknown said...

The necklace is Fantastic!!!

Susie Garay

Nikki said...

Nicole Lungren. Xoxo

Annmarie said...

I love your work for its uniqueness, and I thought your "thank you" post was sweet and inspiring! So thank YOU!

Annmarie LaConte

Shannon said...

Beautiful work! Shannon Kelly :)

Courtney Ras said...

Courtney Ras.

I'm obsessed!

Ashley Nicole said...

Ashley Zoellner

Gorgeous work as always!

Unknown said...
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Karen Febo said...

This is beautiful! ❤️

Lindsey Sehmel said...

Lindsey Sehmel


danielle pett said...

In love with this!
-Danielle Pett

Melinda said...

Melinda Volckmann

Tabitha Fritter said...

Tabitha Fritter

What a gorgeous piece! Your work is stunning :)

Lisa Holbrook said...

Lisa Holbrook

I love your work! Keep these gorgeous pieces coming!

Sarah Millershaski said...

Sarah Millershaski

I love your work!

Anne Klein said...

It's gorgeous! And I love your posts - you have a great spirit!
Anne Klein

Lori Saddler said...

this is so dreamy!!

Lori Saddler

Unknown said...

Lea Martin

Anonymous said...

Summer Parisi

This piece is gorgeous! And you have given me the world with your last piece you made me as a gift to my grandmother. She was so grateful. Thank you <3

Korinne said...
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Korinne said...

This is absolutely stunning!

Korinne Thoren

Sarah Brubaker said...

Sarah Brubaker
Love your work!

Zorah said...

Zorah Oppenheimer

Love your work!

Alexa Botha said...

All of you your creations are so magical! Really just so organic and such an inspiration for some of my work. Crossing my fingers :) xxxx

Alexa Botha

witty von wittington said...

You are an inspiration. Thank you!
Emily Barrett

Shannon W. said...

It's gorgeous!!! You are so talented. Shannon Wasser

Cerrisse Wood said...

Love this!
Cerrisse Wood

Jenny said...

I love the color of the stone! Beautiful!

Jenny said...

I am not sure why it did not post my full name but my name is Jenny Sweetland, that was me in the last comment. LOVE the color of the stone, just gorgeous. :D
My email is in case it does not show that properly either.

catherine knott said...

Catherine Knott. What a great discovery to find you through Instagram!

Brooke Fuller said...


Brooke Fuller

Albra Wheeler said...


Katie Jean said...

This stone is awesome! Your work is beautiful, i would love to wear this!

Katie Jean

Sara said...

Sara Gally

Thank you for sharing!

Natasha Gabriel said...

This is beautiful. love the green.

Natasha Gabriel

Jul Inzesky said...

Vety pretty. Thank you for giving us back.
Juliette Rouquet

Stephanie Yanik said...

Beautiful green! Thanks for the chance!