Monday, January 26

Handmade Life




Something you're proud of. 

These are all elements of my career, but they are also just of my being. 
Of my soul. 

I am a maker.

I can't help it. 

So in the evenings, as the family rests, you'll usually find me working on a project. 

About a year ago I took up quilting.  

It's always something I've wanted to try, but hadn't quite got around to it yet. 

Fast forward a year later, and I've just finished my 6th quilt. 

The rest of my quilts all had a pretty specific plan.

A design.
A layout.

This one not so much. 

It took of effort for me to just keep working on it even though I wasn't sure the patterns matched or what the overall design would turn out.

I just had to trust in it, and keep going. 

I'm happy to say that I love it. 
It's so unique, so different. I just had to share it with you! 

It's got a super sweet home too, but I can't show you that yet. 

Soon enough friends, soon enough. 

For now, go out and use your hands. 

Make something.

Bake a cake, build a bench, anything.

Just keep making.

The world needs us. 

♥ Carin 

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