Saturday, September 1

Cannon Beach 2012

Cannon Beach is our little family tradition every year. It started when Dave and I honeymooned there 7 years ago.  It's a small quaint town little tourist town on the Oregon Coast. It's slow pace attracts easy going visitors who stroll around town, visiting candy shops, watching plays, and drinking good beer!

This year we invited Dave's parents and grandmother to join us there. They drove all the way from southern Colorado to come! They didn't get there until the second day, so after we got our tent and camp all set up we headed straight to the beach! It was in the 70's that day so Kaleb was thrilled!

It was the first time he had ever been to the beach (all the previous years we had celebrated our anniversary with a lone trip!)  He loved it! With just a few simple sand toys he was entertained for hours.

He also found a daddy orangutan. He has a mommy and baby he had got at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo a few years back when visiting Dave's family. He loves them and carries them everywhere. We had been on the hunt for a daddy to add to the family, and he was in luck this time around! He named him "Bruce" after the candy shop where we bought him.

I've lived in the Northwest my entire life, and I still am surprised when it goes from 70 one day to monsooning cold, cold rain the next!  We attempted to stay as dry as possible the second day, but as much as Dave and I love to camp, we were both wishing for a hotel room by the end of the night! 

Of coarse with our luck that was the day Dave's family arrived. I'm pretty sure they thought we were crazy for asking them to come there when there wasn't much to do in the rain!

Luckily by the next morning it was pretty dry. In the morning we got some much needed beach time.  Dave's grandma, mom and I took a long stroll down to Haystack rock, Cannon Beach's claim to fame!  It's the largest intertidal rock in the world! 

Kaleb, Dave, and Grandpa spent the time making sand castles, chasing each other through the waves and enjoying the sun.

Our last day there we drove the 45 minutes south to Tillamook, OR.  For those of you who are fortunate enough to get tillamook cheese or ice cream where you are will understand how awesome it is to visit the place where it's made. There is a little self guided tour and you get to look down on the packaging facility as the cheese gets all wrapped up and sent out! 

My favorite is the store at the end. It has flavors you can't get anywhere else! I got smoked vintage white and black pepper! Dave ate habenero!  Needless to say my vegan diet went out the window that day!

All in all we had a great trip! I cannot wait to go again next year!

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