Monday, September 24

kiwi crate

Kaleb is always somplaining about how all the boxes that come from the mailman are for my jewelry business, and that nothing ever comes for him!  I've been trying to remedy this by starting up a few penpals with some friends, but he really loves it when something big comes. 

My mom was also apparently working on this, as we came home to a little green shoe box left by the mailman addressed to Kaleb Jones.  It was from a little company called Kiwi Crate. What we found inside was pretty magical.  A pre-cut, already set up art project with everything necessary to make a few stuffed fruit and an apron. 

Kaleb immediately wanted to start it as he LOVES art projects.  It took us maybe an hour and a half with Kaleb doing most of the work and me assisting. He had such a blast.  It was so fun to have something to do together without having the stress of finding projects, getting supplies and setting it all up. 

The best part is, Kiwi Crates are monthly subscriptions! I cannot wait to see what comes in next month's kit!

Thanks again Grandma, this was an awesome idea!

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Debbie Pereira said...

You can thank Ali Edwards! I saw it on her blog.