Tuesday, September 4

Aimee's Wedding Jewelry

One of my good friends Aimee is getting married!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm so happy and excited for her! I'm also so honored to have been asked to make her bridesmaid's jewelry!  Aimee's goal was that each girl feel comfortable with their attire and so each girl got to pick their own dress and have input in the jewelry too!

After we got all of their inpute we met up and talked about dress color (teal shown in the Amy's dress and the background color of the picture sets) as well as flower and other wedding colors. The wedding is at the end of September and has a fall color scheme. The teal will be paired with cranberry colors, burnt orange, green and possibly a little pink! It's going to be beautiful I can't wait!

Here's a sneak peek at each girls dress along with what we created for them. The carnelian along with blue flash of the labradorite is going to be stunning with their teal dress color. Each girl's style as well as dress choice was taken into consideration when designing their pieces. So each girl had something that they would hopefully not just enjoy at the wedding, but for a long time to come!

Amy wanted something really chunky and was the first to suggest these beautiful stone choices! Her dress top is already pretty detailed so we made her a stunning bracelet!

Celeste really likes glass pendants, and although we decided to move into the stones for this wedding set, I tried to give her a large pendant that resembles a glass pieces.  Her pendant is also hung from a ring to elongate it. This will not only pair well with her halter top, but also ensures that the clasp doesn't slide down in front on the big day! Lastly, her carnelian beads only go about 4" up on both side making the back chain fit well with the halter.

Dionna had specifically requested a Celtic knot for her piece.  In this I hand forged a sweet Celtic knot out of thick sterling silver wire.  I hung it on a medium weight rolo chain that has the same carnelian and lab beads as the other girls. There are just a few intermittently spaced on the chain keeping it simple like her sweet dress.

Jenn's necklace and dress are also very simple and sweet so in her case I made a carnelian pendant to mix it up a bit.  It's much smaller than those labradorite stones so I dressed it up with a little thicker dotted wire setting.  It's also hung on a rolo chain that has sets of 3 labradorite stones going up the sides.

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