Tuesday, May 29


It's been awhile since I posted a funny story about Kaleb.  No, he didn't momentarily stop being funny, just haven't gotten around to telling you any stories.  These TWO were too hard to pass up though!


Kaleb has been so amazingly good lately.  I've been working like mad, and had little time for anything else.   Dave's been picking up the slack around the house, leaving Kaleb to play by himself a lot.  My parents have been amazingly generous, and took him 4 weekends in a row to their lake house so I could make sure all those Mother's Day orders were getting out in a reasonable amount of time.

Anyways, this weekend I promised that I would work less and play more.  Saturday was one of the first days our pool was open, and it was NICE here (aka, not 50 degrees, but also not 90, I don't do 90). Kaleb took full advantage of the time we had together.

When we first got there waiting for the pool to open

Kaleb swam almost non-stop for about 3 1/2 hours!  He has taken a lot of lessons over the past year, so when I say swim, I don't mean he was just splashing around in the wadding pool, but rather non stop underwater swimming!  The lifeguards at our pool are also conveniently his swim teachers. So they all know him well, and he shows off like crazy for them.  Anyways, the day was winding down, but we were having so much fun with family that we couldn't justify leaving.  One of his teachers said, "Kaleb you are going to be so tired tonight!"  The all knowing mother in me quickly disagreed, as I was sure he would just keep going like he always does (don't you wish you had the energy of a 4 year old again!)

About 15 minutes after that, Kaleb started to complain that his eyes were sore.  I mean swimming underwater with your eyes open for 3 hours will do that to you! I told him to close them and lay his head on my shoulder for a few minutes just to rest his eyes.  Literally 2 seconds later I looked down, and he was sound asleep!  DID I MENTION WE WERE STILL IN THE POOL!  That's right, my child fell asleep swimming!  This was no quick nap, he was passed out! We got him out of the pool dried off, changed and he barely woke up!  (Although the thought of ice cream a few minutes later did the trick only to fall back asleep right after he finished a strawberry shortcake ice cream!) 

Ah, how fun it is to be 4!


As mentioned previously, Dave has been doing all the housework, errands, and child care at night and on the weekends so that I could work.  So last night he decided to take the night off, and go to the Avengers movie with a friend. 

 I was putting Kaleb to bed, and he always tells me his tummy is hungry right as I'm putting on his PJ's.  It drives me batty because I know it's just a ploy to stay up a little longer. So we start negotiating crackers.  He says, "Can I have a few?"

Mom, "Ok 2."
Kaleb, "No a few, how about 3?"
Mom, "Fine 3, but NO more!"
Kaleb, "Not 4?"
Mom, "No not 4."
Kaleb in his sassy voice, "Why Mom, you can't count to 4?!" 

Ah, jeez!  I wonder where he gets all that sass? Couldn't be me! ;) Seriously, the kid is only 4... I'm scared! 

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