Wednesday, May 16


I've been working on the idea of this catalogue for some time now, and finally put the finishing touches on it.  I'll have it available to browse through at shows along with example necklaces and each bead/charm to look at, but I thought it would be a nice way to get a brief overview of what I offer, and how you can customize your jewelry to your specifications. I'm also hoping to offer the charm jewelry at some local stores, and this will be a piece to that puzzle when I can tackle it. 

My skill level in photoshop must be improving, as I'm liking more and more the brand imaging.  Love the brown tall fonts, and that it all matches the sites and new packaging.  It's all coming together!

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Debbie Pereira said...

This is so amazing! I can see how much time you have invested in every aspect of this catalog. It is well thought out and executed. It looks so professional. Most shop owners would outsource a project of this size and complexity. It just shows how incredibly talented you are on all levels. The brand imaging is really coming together beautifly. So proud of you.