Saturday, October 8

Wedding Rings...

So I have been wanting to make a new wedding ring for so long... Not because I don't have a beautiful one that my loving husband bought for me, but because.... well actually there are lots of reasons.

1.  I do believe in wearing a wedding ring, or band, or tattoo, or whatever  you may have that signifies you are married.  However, I don't necessarily feel attachment to one ring, or one thing.

2.  Taste evolves all the time.  You don't see people wearing bell bottoms right now do you?  I love my ring because my fabulous husband bought it for me, but it doesn't match my current style. For business sake, and because I love my jewelry, I am always wearing pieces I made, and they just have a different flavor than my original wedding ring.

3.  Also due to the business, and the rest of my life, I am constantly taking my wedding ring off (or forgetting to, and oxidizing it along with the rest of my current work)  I would hate to ruin the original wedding ring.  Where ones I make, I know I can remake if necessary, or fix, or what have you.

4. I love this black druzy crystal!  Just enough of a statement, but still very different.

5.  I was a little jealous... a friend of mine recently got engaged.   Her fiance knows her well, and did not propose with a ring, instead she's shopping around... pictures she has sent me, have just own right made me want a new one.

6.  I NEVER make stuff for myself!  I truly suffer from the dressmaker has no dress syndrome.  I usually just don't take the time to make stuff for myself because I am so busy (thankfully, making stuff others love)  Sometimes I swear I will make stuff for myself, do, and then someone likes it so much I sell it to them.  No I'm not complaining about this, but it's true.

I originally had the stone sitting vertically, which made my short stubby fingers look longer, but for some reason, it just wanted to sit horizontally, it just plain looks better. Sometimes pieces do that, they tell you what to do with them, and I have learned if I don't listen, I always regret it!

 Dave and I have always talked about getting our wedding bands tattooed on, as we are just those people, and we are always taking them off for one reason for another.  I want my tattoo to be "til death." I stamped it on the band this time around in honor of that!

Oh and the band is cut down in the back for comfort.

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