Wednesday, October 19

The Shop!

Ok I know most of what I have been talking about lately is the new shop, but honestly it's consuming my whole life right now. I don't think about much else.  For a job that gives you so much flexibility and freedom, it's times like these, that you have to know how to buckle down and get the details right to make it successful.  And it's either talking about the shop again, or giving tips on how to naturally beat cold and flu season (yes, I googled that exact phrase this morning, as we have 1 down in our family already!)

So the shop.  It so exciting.  When I initialy saw the response of the charm necklaces in my Etsy shop I knew I would have to see where they could take me.  I listened, I brainstormed, I thought of all the possibilities to make it work.  A second Etsy shop seemed overwhelming, but I knew a mixed shop would send a mixed vibe (I learned this is a no, no in marketing!), and I knew I could make so many options of the charms that it would really drowned out my other items if the were in a shop together. 

For months I threw around the idea, I asked friends, family, co-workers, I tried to judge their excitement for them as well.  I don't know if there was an actually plan per say, but sort of happened.  I found myself making a list of all the inventory I would want to carry, which led me to posting the blog offering them at a discount, and whala, I just started going with it.

Now the excitement is mounting, I am so ancy, so motivated, I don't want to do anything else.  (Posting pictures and listing items is one of my least favorite parts of the job, so the fact that I am this motivated speaks volumes to the product!)  Everytime I put together a new necklace I love it! So excited to get the new items posted! Along the way I found I needed to add mor eoptions, or I found new ideas. I think the shop will open with just about 200 items (twice as many as I was originally going for)  There are so many things I can add to it down the line, the shop will only continue to grow.

Here are some pictures of what I have so far..... just about 70 more items to list!  Shooting for the Grand Opening Friday October 28th!  J4JCharms here we come!  And don't forget to become a fan of my Facebook page if you aren't already, as fans will get additional coupons on the Grand Opening Weekend!

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Aurora said...

YOU'RE KILLING ME!!! I saw the necklace with Ava on it and thought it was mine, but when I saw GSO on the other one, I knew it wasn't. So sad. You know, I'm blog stalking you until I see it, right??