Monday, October 31

So What's Next?

Well I've been talking and talking and talking about the new shop . So what's next for Jonesing for Jewelry?  

I'd like to say that I'm settled, and just going to sit back and relax, but as a small business owner, that is just sadly NEVER the case! We must always be revamping, finding new ways, and pushing our own boundaries.  

I still have some tweaking of the charm shop, and some ideas, that are sitting on the back burner for awhile until I can get them just right. So next I'm revamping the current shop.  I love my little Etsy shop  but the more I learn, the more I want to learn, and the more I want to share my new skills with you.  My goal for my shop will be to have lots of staple items.  Simple pearls, discs, etc. that can be worn with just about anything.  Like these: 

 And this:

I'll try and keep these in sets as much as possible.  Wear the with jeans, with each other, mix and match, or pair them with the one of a kind items that I'm going to fill the shop with.  Like this:
 and this:
 and these:


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