Thursday, October 27

The Bunny and The Pumpkin

Oh this is a good story...

I must have been no older than 6, it was July in Washington, and  my birthday was looming.  My mother drove me down to the local feed store, covers my eyes all the way from the parking lot, and stands me directly in front of the bunny cages.  I was SO excited!  I had begged for pets, as my love for them is surely innate.  She told me I could pick ANY ONE I WANT.  Oh, did she regret saying that!

As, bunnies usually do, there were babies, and LOTS of them!  A lady came out, and helped us hold each of the babies, trying to pick one.  My mom, kept pointing to a few littles ones saying, "what about this one, he's cute! Oh and this one would be good for us."   I wasn't so sure. I figured I would know when I found it, and I hadn't found it. 

I clearly remember just stopping, looking over all the cages, and in one cage at the top, there was the fattest, whitest, red eyed bunny anyone had ever seen.  Without even holding him, I knew he was the one I wanted.  Pointing as I said, "I want that one" I am sure I heard my mother gasp! 

I took the bunny home, proud to give him the love, attention, and care I knew he needed and deserved, even though he might not have been the cutest one.  The next time I got to pick an animal, was my first dog, an English Springer Spaniel, named Tether.  This time, they only put cute puppies in front of me to pick from I think in fear, that they might come home with another bunny situation!

Fast forward a couple decades, and I can already see Kaleb has the same compassion and empathy for the underdog. 

This past weekend we took him to the pumpkin patch. We had a blast, jumping in mud puddles, shooting the pumpkin sling shot, going on hay rides, getting lost in the corn maze, and of coarse picking a pumpkin.

I stood in a field of hundreds of beautiful orange pumpkins.  I looked at my almost 4  year old, and said, "you can pick whatever pumpkin  you want" We went  up and down the isle looking and looking, and finally he settled on his perfect pumpkin.

It's completely lopsided.  Definately not round, more oval shaped, but so bumpy I really cant' tell.  It can't stand up, just flops over on it's side.  I heard my mother gasp again, as she had when we were standing in front of  the bunnies.  This time she said, "he's just like you!"  I was very proud, very happy, and  hopeful that he can continue to think outside the box, veer from the mainstreem when it is right for him.

(Pumpkin pictures to come!)

:) Carin

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