Saturday, October 27

Sterling Silver Etched Charms

Get Them HERE!

They're here! And I couldn't be happier with them! 

It's been a long road for these charms!  I first attempted them in PMC, although they worked, the time consuming process which required ordering portions of each from a third party, high cost of materials, and requirement of a kiln, meant that the price of them would have been just too high for my business model.  My goal has always been to be able to offer high quality products that everyone can afford.  I know you moms are just like me, we love to have sentimental pieces like this, but we always are putting our families wants and needs before our own.  By finding another way to make these charms, I can offer them at 1/2 the price as the PMC ones are offered at. This way we moms can be spoiled more often (like we should be)!

Each item is first digitized and edited just like the standard bezel set charms. They are then printed on a special toner transfer paper.  Once the metal is prepped the toner is transferred causing it to mask portions of it and protect it from the etching solution.  The process is quite lengthy still, but well worth it!

I know a lot of you out there order charms based on very neutral color tones so they can go with every one of your outfits. By offering all sterling charms they will not only match more of your items, but you can also swim and shower in them making them the most versatile and they'll last forever!

I don't know which of them are my favorite, for now I've made myself a double cluster necklace with Kaleb's handwriting, footprints, silhouette, birth date and pearl! Create your favorite piece here just in time for Christmas!

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