Wednesday, October 24



The truth is, I LOVE THE CHARM SHOP! But there are days when I really want just a simple, fun, eclectic necklace. I've envisioned these vintage charms and this shop for a long time, and always knew someday I'd get here, and I'm so proud to say that it's here!

The shop offers the same 12 and 16 mm bezel set charms as the charm shop, but instead of setting your childs name, I have come up with a fun mix of vintage prints.  Some botanical, some animals, all beautiful!

To those you can add vintage words taken directly from my sweet 2nd hand dictionary to give it some sentimental value. The bronze charms add more vintage flair.  They range from a tiny acorn to a long textured feather. 

My favorite elements have to be the brass lockets. They all really open and you could easily pop in a picture or two.  They are so fun and cute! Plus at the $6 -$10 range they don't break the bank!

Last but not least there are several suprise elements like the sterling silver set crystals or the antler tips! These natural elements help give these vintage pieces the earthiness they need!

Oh and last but not least, there's always a bead or two to be added! This time I've chosen mostly pearls in a wide range of colors to help give the pieces some pop!

Have fun designing yours at

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