Monday, September 5

There's An App For That....

Oh what did we do before ipods, iphones, and apps?  Today an app came to my rescue, and I'm not afraid to admit that! I recently purchased 27 new colors for the new custom charm jewelry shop.  Now that I am caught up on several custom orders, I am devoting more time to getting this shop up and running...

My main project today was to get the "color options" picture done.  Although the last picture functions fine, I wanted this one to be much more professional.  I also wanted to ensure that the colors were true so that it was easier for customers to pick from. 

I had done my research, I knew what I wanted it to look like.  I knew I had mastered Photoshop a little more since the last color options picture.  I was ready, I was excited, I was motivated...

.... after 15 tries, in different lighting, different camera settings, different poses.... I was ready to give up!  None of the colors looked correct when uploaded.  SO INCREDIBLY FRUSTRATING!

So I took a nap!  Waking up refreshed I thought to go to the wholesaler's website to see if they have pictures I can choose from.  Although I buy the archival paper locally (I don't go through enough to meet the minimum order requirement!)  I figured it would be a good shot. 

... AND TADA!  THERE'S AN APP FOR THAT! The wholesaler has an app that you can look up the color by name, family, or style.  It then gives you all the information you could ever want about the color, but in particular... the RGB values.  Which specify the exact color of the paper! 

NOW LOOK!  So amazing, and such true colors!  You're sure to get exactly what you want and expect when ordering!  YEAH!

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