Sunday, September 18

Meet the Family...

I figured it's about time that I introduce the Jones clan.  Pretty sure I'll be talking about them on here regularly so here goes....

Title:  The Husband
AKA: Dave, Jonesie, Love, Daddy
Interests: Family, Mixed Martial Arts, Random Facts
Current Favorite Quote: "Hey, Hey, For Real, Real, Not For Play, Play"  <--- he only says it because he knows it annoys me

and yes he makes this face regularly! 

Title:  The Boy
AKA: Kaleb, Rampage, K, Pangolin, Bug, Monkadillo, Bugallo 
Interests: Anything SUPER HERO, Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Star Wars.  He's all boy!
Current Favorite Quote:  "For Real Life"  <--- God only knows where he got that!

he's the one on the right. He's always on the move, and I do a horrible job of taking his picture regularly. I'm working on it.  But this is usually how you find him anyways, playing super heros with his cousins!

Title: The Dog
AKA: Morgan (really usually MORGAN!), my dog, beautiful girl
Interests: Keeping watch on the house and neighborhood (she takes her job very seriously.  I imagine her like a mall security gaurd that takes their job WAY too seriously!), making the best sleeping dent on the couch, snoring, chasing balls
Current Favorite Quote:  "BARK, BARK, BARK, BARK, BARK" <-- it's usually non stop, unless she is snoring!

Title:  The Puppy
AKA:  Cash, Puppy Cash, Little Boy, Sweet Boy
Interests:  Staying as close to his family as possible, Love, Love, and more Love.  We joke that this dog has a hole in his love tank.  He can never get enough. Oh, and digging. Usually out of the yard because no one is paying attention to him, and he thinks there is someone to love him on the other side.
Current Favorite Quote:  "You're home, Pet me!"

There you have it! Oh, and we have 2 of the cutest greatest guinea pigs in the world, aptly named by Daddy after Super Heros.  Peter Porker (named after Spiderman - Peter Parker), and Edward Pygma (named after the Ridler - Edward Nygma). And a fish, everyone needs at least one fish, it's a blue beta, named Nemo.

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