Wednesday, March 26

BFF Lego Bracelets

Why do little kids always have the best ideas? Last week my nephew called from Texas and asked if I would make him and his best friends custom bracelets.
So how do you impress a 7 year old?
Step 1: You start by making a Lego inspired shape out of sterling.

Step 2: Stamp the back with BEST FRIENDS FOREVER.

Step 3: Cut your newly created design into 3 puzzle pieces.

Step 4: Attach them to SUPER sturdy rolo chain bracelets (after all they are 7 year old boys)

Step 5: Add a little tag with each of their initials.

Bam, instant favorite auntie coming your way.

Does your 7 year old have an epic idea? Try me! I'm sure I can create just the piece you're hoping for.


P.S. I love you Zobee! Hope you like them!

1 comment:

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