Thursday, January 23

The Bachelorette Gifting!

I am a part of this amazing group, The Artisan Group. It is an amazing collection of artists that have small businesses like mine. It offers great opportunities to gift to celebrities and stylists. This time, I have had the opportunity to gift to the stylist of The Bachelorette! I'm a huge fan (it was my secret addiction, but I guess the secret is out now)!
Although most of me wishes I kept them for myself, I have decided to gift these amazing earrings.  I'm so in love with them! They took forever to make, as I first pressed real feathers into sterling silver and brass. Then sawed them out carefully. I hung them on handmade sterling ear wires with dangle chains adorned with wire wrapped turquoise. Lastly, they were oxidized, hand polished and tumbled. This process brings out the amazing texture of the feathers and makes them shine!
Here's hoping the stylist picks them to be on next season, and that Juan Pablo finds the love of his life soon!

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