Saturday, February 23


THAT'S RIGHT! I'm planning another big giveaway!  I have so much new stuff coming in the next week or so that I thought it would be a great time to give something away, but this giveaway is going to have a slight twist.

Here's what's going to happen...
Have your friends "like" my Facebook Page and have them comment on my Facebook wall that you sent them. Whoever has the most friends complete the task by Friday March 1st gets a 65% coupon!!!!
Anyone who gets over 5 friends to complete the task gets a 15% off coupon!


The smaller details:
What happens if my friend is already a fan because I've been telling everyone? No problem! They can still vote for you.

What if  they don't "like" your page? Their vote won't count

What if they don't put my name as it appears on Facebook? or they use a maiden name? If I can't tell with certainty that they match the vote will be tossed out

What if the person with the most votes only gets a few? Do they still get the 65% discount? The person who gets the 65% discount will not only have to have the highest number of votes, but also have a minimum of 10 votes for them.

How will I know who won? I'll post it here, and link it to Facebook.  You'll want to check in Saturday for  the results (it's going to take awhile to tally!) As always you'll have 3 days to email me to receive the prize.

How will the coupon be delivered? A special coupon code will be sent to you via email.

When do I have to use the coupon by? March 31st, 2013

Is there a max I can purchase with the coupon? The 15% ones will have no maximum purchase, but the 65% one cannot purchase more than $150.00 value.

Where will the code be valid? In the J4JCharm shops at and


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