Wednesday, February 20

Custom Ginko Necklace

One of the great parts about having direct contact with my customers is ability to collaborate on custom pieces together.  This fan had been eyeing the ginko etched pieces I had been posting to my Facebook page and contacted me to create a custom piece for her. Her parent's had a huge ginko tree in the backyard of their childhood home.  She also wanted to represent her and her brother with their birthstones.

Here's what it includes:
Ginko etched sterling silver disc which was hand cut and domed slightly to give it a more organic shape
Light Amethyst and Citrine Stones set in hand made bezel sterling bezel settings
Recycled Sterling Key

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1 comment:

Lisa Holbrook said...

They are actually the birthstones of my deceased parents, but nonetheless the piece is gorgeous and I'm so happy how it turned out! You're the best! :)