Tuesday, April 17



Several months ago, after so many customers had been using the font style that most looked like a child's handwriting. I wanted to try making charms with children's signatures. Of coarse my son is alway the guinea pig when it comes to these things.  It was well past his bed time, but I was so se on trying them RIGHT then that I made him stay up a little late, and write his name over and over and over again. First on a big sheet, then a little smaller, then a different marker, until I came up with the formula that produced the most accurate results and would need the least amount of editing to print in the charms.

To this day Kaleb is constantly looking at his special charm. He asks me over and over how many of them I have sold.  Yes, that's right, he is convinced that all of my customers are buying HIS name.  I mean why wouldn't they?! It's so precious and perfect?! I just love how his little mind works!

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