Monday, April 9


We had such a great Easter this year! We spent some time Friday evening decorating eggs.  It's been a pretty busy season for me with all that is going on getting the shops up and running and the new blog. So we just used the little kit from the store. Trust me, Kaleb didn't mind! We had a blast with a little friendly family competition.  Each of us picked our very best egg, and we posted them to Facebook to see which one was the best!  Of coarse Kaleb's won (I'm not bitter or anything)!

Kaleb is already asking questions about the true identity of the Easter Bunny.  I know everyone has different traditions, but this year, I was sure if the Easter Bunny had to get in the house to leave the basket that Kaleb would know the truth.  So this year, the Easter Bunny left it on the porch! ;)

We had a lazy morning, spent some time cuddling in bed, tried a new local doughnut place.  Then off to my Aunt's house.  They  have an AMAZING yard, complete with waterfall, ponds, bridges, and all of which overlook the beautiful Puget Sound! What a great place for an Easter egg hunt! Plus it was SUNNY!!!! 201 eggs total (7 which are still yet to be found) were hidden in the gardens. Above are my favorite pics of the event. 

Hope you and your families had a great time enjoying each other as well!

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