Saturday, March 26

Woman Up //

 And just when you feel yourself settle into comfort,
just as your muscles are able to relax, 
just as your soul feels settled.... 

Reach strongly for something beyond your fingertips.
Desire the challenge.
Seek it out.
Grab it confidently with both hands.

Don't drag it behind you or carry it haphazardly. 
No, pull the weight of that sucker square onto your shoulders.
Strive to make the new discomfort manageable and then eventually make it look effortless.

Because woman, you are the most beautiful when you bravely and vulnerably tumbling forward in pursuit of life. 
When you are answering the question, what am I capable of? 

I want to know the strength of this body... and this soul.
I want to know I can wo-man up to any challenge.
I want to feel uncomfortable in contentment, and twitchy when I'm still.
I want to see the vastness myself and therefore also my boundaries.

And most of all I want to break them.


Guys I've been pushing myself hard lately. Stretching and reaching for more in almost every aspect of my life. It's super exciting, but it also feels incredibly overwhelming.

I keep wondering if I'm capable to rise to the challenges I've laid out for myself.
I keep asking if I'm really capable of what I hope for.

And I keep trying to remind myself that this is who I am. That I am a strong capable woman, and I've rose to every challenge before this. That I've built this business up with just these 2 hands.
I keep trying to remember I've taught myself these skills before, and I'll keep trying to do it again and again and again.

No matter what.

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Debbie Pereira said...

I would wear one of these :)

Diane said...

I can really relate and I love your poem - I believe in you. Whatever you set your mind on you come through - your beautiful work shows me this.