Friday, July 10

Birthday Ring

Every year I attempt to make a little something for myself on my birthday. 
Yesterday I took my first stab at something outside my comfort zone and worked on a very traditional styled Royston Turquoise ring. It was so incredibly challenging and ultimately I was pretty mad at it by the time it was complete. All I could see were it's flaws and therefore my mistakes. But over the course of the day and night I just fell more and more in love. I hardly notice her imperfections. She's weighty on my hand but so incredibly comfortable and comforting to know she's there. Maybe that's how life is... imperfect perfection.

♥ Carin


pencilfox said...

you're just my kind of girl :: celebrating SELF on a very important day :: YOUR day.

love this ring, and i see NO imperfections....! it is quite lovely on your hand. i hope you wear it often....!


Wenni Donna said...

Wow, your birthday ring looks adorable. I loved its design. My birthday is coming and want to host a rocking party this year. Thinking to book one of best event venues in Chicago for birthday bash. So excited!