Wednesday, March 18


The novice 
observes nature
and sees a harsh cruel world.

A world full of violence,
A world full of need,
and a world in which competition rules.

He notices the way a boa slowly wraps itself around it's prey 
squeezing tightly
until no drop of breath remains.

The novice,
he sees the dominate lion
only concerned with making his pride.

He sees the sweet tiny runt of a pig lose out to his own siblings,
and starving for a place to nurse.

I see something so much more.
I see something so much deeper.

It may be faint to the novice, but it's there. 


Have you seen the way a herd of buffalo encircle their young.
Protecting their sweetest treasure.

The way a songbird belts his heart out
only hoping to gain a lifelong companion.

And the way those glorious golden rays of sun drape themselves so gently over the land.

Nature is romantic.
Life is romantic.

Let it be.

♥ Carin

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