Sunday, February 8

On Trusted Wings... a Second Season

A few months ago I finished my first On Trusted Wings piece.

It sat with me in the studio for a long while.

I didn't show her to anyone. 

I was in a magical trance. 

A harmonious dance between spirit and self.

Between art and artist. 


After a few days I allowed myself to wonder what other pieces this eagle shape would adorn.

What shape it would take, and what it was capable of creating. 

A few more pieces were born of it, and then it fell quite for awhile.

They stopped speaking to me as loudly or as clearly. 

Maybe I allowed life to get the best of me.

Chaos ensued, and I didn't have the real time these pieces demanded.

So I listed and sold the first batch of the On Trusted Wings series <---- read about the motivation behind the original work here. 


As soon as I listed them, I regretted it.

Not because I was sad to see them find homes, not that pieces themselves weren't magnificent, but I knew that I should have dug deeper.

There was more to it.

There was still a spark. They were talking, maybe in a whisper, but they had important things to say.

I felt like the series was half done.

Half visited.

Half explored.

Half assed.


So although a little discombobulated (as life seems to be at times).

I finished the series. 

It took a second season, but they are beautiful just the same.

♥ Carin

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