Monday, November 7

Today I Am Thankful...

Heading towards Thanksgiving, I keep seeing daily posts from Facebook friends about things they are thankful for.  Today I am thankful for my family.  For an extremely supportive husband, who pitches in, sacrifices, and encourages around every turn in the process of starting my own business. And for an amazing 4 year old son, who is happy, healthy, and amazing.  Both of them have had to make sacrifices, especially in the past few months while I started up j4jcharms.  

Today, no matter how many orders I had, no matter how much the dishes needed to be done. I promised I would stop, even if it was just for an hour, and devote my attention to whatever Kaleb wanted me to do with him.  It was challenging, as I am more swamped than I ever have been, but even while my phone beeped non-stop, the mail man came with several awaiting metal shipments, and orders begged to be filled, I enjoyed every minute of my time with him, and the pictures proved he did too!  

Kaleb, I promise to set aside more time with you, as you are the most important thing in this world, you too husband, you deserve my time, attention, and devotion.  I love you both, Carin.

Kaleb with our newly made bad guy city, which was already partially destroyed by police legos by the time I got my camera steadied! 

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