Monday, May 23

You Are Not Your Mistakes // A Home Decor Series

Sometimes I can't stop thinking, thinking about all the mistakes I've made.
The things I've done or said that I shouldn't have.
The times I should have spoken up.
The times I should have taken the higher road or made a different decision.

Sometimes I feel like my mistakes have driven my life.
That they have defined who I am today and had the power to direct me.

This series is all about healing.
About letting go of mistakes and chalking them up to lessons.
About realizing I, you, we are human.
About reminding myself that those lessons I have learned are what propelled me forward and allowed me to make some incredibly wonderful and incredibly right decisions.

Each of these babies start from silver from previous mistakes.
Pieces that didn't work.
Solder and ideas that didn't flow.
Melted bezels and broken saw blades.

I've melted them all down to their elements.
Turned them into lessons, and used them to grow something new and beautiful.

I can't tell you how healing it is.
To be able to turn that torch up to screaming high and just let the heat burn away your mistakes.
Let it melt it down until it's no longer recognizable.
Until you've forgotten how painful it was when it happened.


Cast succulents.
Shed antlers.
Weathered cow vertebrae.

To adorn your home.
To remind you.